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Sponsor Lula

Lula found herself at the Roswell Humane Society after her owner went into assisted living in 2023. This little darling loves to talk. She will tell you all the cat gossip around Hannah’s House…who snuggled who, who puked on the cat shelf, and who had too much catnip last night. Lula knows it all, and she’s not keeping it a secret. Unfortunately, Lula became the talk of the town when she started having mini seizures. She is now on medication to control her seizures and is doing great. Your sponsorship will give Lula the support she needs to continue telling her cat “tails”.

How Your Gift Helps

Your sponsorship gift supports Lula and the work of June’s Senior Cat Rescue. To make sure your gift has the biggest impact, your donation will be used in combination with other sponsorship gifts to give senior cats their happily ever after.