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Sponsor Euphrates

You might think a cat named after a river seems strange, we thought so too at first. After getting to know Euphrates, his name suits him. Just like a long, meandering river, Euphrates holds a timeless wisdom in his soul. This kind, quiet boy doesn’t ask to be noticed, but his presence is undeniable. He brings a calmness to every space he inhabits. Perhaps that’s why he likes his name so much. In fact, his eyes brighten, and he perks up whenever he hears it. Adorable, right? This beloved river kitty struggles with anemia and arthritis, so he is given daily medications to treat both. Your sponsorship will help keep Euphrates happily flowing, just like his watery namesake.

How Your Gift Helps

Your sponsorship gift supports Euphrates and the work of June’s Senior Cat Rescue. To make sure your gift has the biggest impact, your donation will be used in combination with other sponsorship gifts to give senior cats their happily ever after.