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Sponsor Buttercup

Buttercup came to June’s in 2015 from a shelter in southern New Mexico. Buttercup is the official greeter of all humans who cross the threshold into Hannah’s House, our main foster location. She takes these duties very seriously, so don’t try to get past her without saying hello.

Buttercup has a chronic condition called Stomatitis. This condition causes ulcers inside the mouth. As you can imagine this is quite painful. Buttercup gets regular injections of steroids to manage this condition and keep her comfortable. Your sponsorship will help keep Buttercup meowing those greetings for years to come.

How Your Gift Helps

Your sponsorship gift supports Buttercup and the work of June’s Senior Cat Rescue. To make sure your gift has the biggest impact, your donation will be used in combination with other sponsorship gifts to give senior cats their happily ever after.