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Sponsor a Senior Cat

Your sponsorship will make a world of difference for a senior who needs you. With age comes wisdom, which is great! But age also comes with increased veterinary expenses, such as treatment for high blood pressure, hyperthyroid, and stomatitis (oral ulcers), and of course, diet changes.

For as little as $10 a month, your sponsorship will make an immeasurable difference by providing the medications and prescription diets these kitties need to live their best lives. Your sponsorship will directly help the cat you select, while also helping other seniors at June’s who will benefit from your kindness and generosity.

Ready to fall in love with a senior who needs you?


She’s a spicy little tigress.  Sponsor Chiquita

Silver 3

He prefers to be a lone wolf. Sponsor Silver


Just going with the flow. Sponsor Euphrates

She absolutely must say hi. Sponsor Buttercup

Polly 2

Puts a smile on your face.  Sponsor Polly

Cece 5

Gorgeous little heartthrob. Sponsor Cece

Mathias 1 or 5

Loves cheek rubs and toy mice. Sponsor Mathias

Buster 1A

Total foodie but stays on plan. Sponsor Buster

Blue Belle 1

The epitome of a total lap cat.  Sponsor Blue Belle