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Senior Cats for Senior Laps

Thomas O'Mallley
Have you heard about our Senior Cats for Senior Laps Program?

Our Senior Cats for Senior Laps Program serves older people who want to adopt a cat but face financial obstacles. We don’t think the inability to pay a vet should keep someone from having a cat in their life. We created Senior Cats for Senior Laps to remove the financial obstacles to pet ownership by paying for all the vet bills, including medications and prescription food.

There are many benefits to owning a cat:

*Mental health


*Quality of life

As you can see, cats and seniors are the purr-fect partners.

Senior Cats for Senior Laps pairs felines with senior fosters through an application process. We take into consideration the personality of the cat along with the applicant’s living habits and preferences and recommend a specific cat for the senior foster.

The best part is that June’s Senior Cat Rescue (JSCR) retains ownership of the cat which means the cat comes back to JSCR should the senior foster become unable to care for the cat or no longer wishes to be part of the program.

To those interested in participating in our Senior Cats for Senior Laps program should meet the following qualifications:

  1. Be a senior citizen who lives alone and has no other pets.
  2. If you rent, be able to provide written verification of your landlord’s consent to have a pet.
  3. Be physically capable of basic cat care, like litterbox scooping, feeding schedules, and be able to provide a safe and clean indoor-only environment for the cat
  4. Be able communicate any changes in the cat’s behavior or health, such as not eating.
  5. Be able to take the cat to the vet when necessary (assistance with vet appointments is available, if needed on an occasional basis)
  6. Have the financial ability to buy food and litter
  7. Applicants must be in the Albuquerque area (we may expand to other areas if we get more volunteers)