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We need you!!  Yes you!!

We are seeking dedicated volunteers who are willing to give 4 or more hours per month to help the senior kitties in our care.  We offer a variety of volunteer opportunities and try to match each person’s skill set with activities they most enjoy.

Volunteers make a difference in the lives of senior cat.  The more volunteers we have, the more cats we can save. JSCR needs volunteers in a variety of areas including:

Social Media:

    • Help us increase our social media presence with Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Tik Tok, etc.

    • Creating and editing videos, and taking photos

Fundraising support:

    • Write grants.

    • Write thank you notes.

    • Host bake sales.

    • Make crafts to sell.

    • Sell raffle tickets.

    • Host a yard sale and donate the money to JSCR.

    • Develop fundraising strategies.

    • Work at our fundraiser events.

    • Cash in your aluminum cans and donate the money to JSCR.

    • Create a birthday fundraiser on Facebook for JSCR

    • Donate gently used items to JSCR that can be auctioned or raffled off to help us raise money.

Computer and office work:

    • Design and edit newsletters, fliers, and publications.

    • Help manage foster/volunteer programs.

    • Design forms

    • Bookkeeping

    • Publicity

    • Help with newsletter mailings.

Hands-on with cats:

    • Cuddle Cats

    • Brush cats

    • Pick up and drive animals to vet appointments.

    • Scoop litter

    • Vacuum cat trees

    • Clean cat areas

Board members:

JSCR is actively searching for individuals to serve on our board of directors.  JSCR rescues and provides a sanctuary for elderly and hospice cats, so they can live in comfort for their remaining years. We are looking for energetic people who are passionate about helping senior cats.   The board of directors is tasked with providing strategic direction to help us grow our organization and donor support to ensure the long-term financial wellbeing and sustainability of the organization. 

If interested, please complete the Volunteer Application you can download HERE, and return it to


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