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Hannah’s House

June’s Senior Cat Rescue is a 501c3 nonprofit dedicated to saving the lives of senior cats who are abandoned, neglected, surrendered or who have lost their homes through no fault of their own. While some of these cats are adopted into loving homes, many will spend the rest of their lives with us as hospice cats. June’s Senior Cat Rescue has an extensive Furever Foster family network.

We also have our main foster home, Hannah’s House, which consists of communal, cage-free housing for adult cats in a residential setting. At Hannah’s House, our cats have the opportunity to coexist with humans, other cats, and have access to the outdoors through a catio. This allows them to enjoy outdoor time while being protected from predators and the elements.

Hannah’s House provides our cats with a loving, quiet, stress-free, home environment where our cats can decompress after their recent experiences in animal shelters.

Hannah’s House was named in honor of one of the first JSCR cats. Hannah came to us at nine years-old from the Las Vegas, NM shelter with a multitude of health issues. She was an incredible cat, whose personality never dampened, even when she didn’t feel well. Fondly called Hannah Banana by the vet staff, she never complained during her extensive vet visits, and the vet staff loved her dearly. When her health issues outweighed her quality of life, we made the deeply painful decision to let her cross the Rainbow Bridge. Hannah Banana was much-loved and is greatly missed. We remember her fondly with each new cat who walks through the doors of Hannah’s House.

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