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Senior Cats for Senior Laps







Vincent DiMarco




Thomas O'Malley

Our Mission

To provide abandoned and homeless senior cats with a safe haven to live the rest of their days in peace, comfort, love, and to ensure they receive the best humankind has to offer.


Adopt a Cat

Lilu is one of our adoptable cats that are listed on several pet search websites.  Click here to see a list of adoptable cats.


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Foster a Cat

All of our cats live in private residences with loving fosters.   Interested in fostering?  Read more here



Thomas O'Mallley

Senior Cats for Senior Laps

Our Senior Cats for Senior Laps Program serves older people who want to adopt a cat but face financial obstacles.  Click here to read more…


Sadie's Ship

Sadie was 13 when we rescued her. Her new owner makes some of the items in Sadie’s shop from donated material. Click here to read more…



Become A Sponsor

In Amelia’s short stay with us, she need medical care.  You could become a sponsor of our medical fund, or opt to sponsor individual cats.  Read More


Become sustainer (1)

Become a Sustainer

Monthly sustainer donations help us to continue our life saving work.  Read More




Cat in lap

Help Meowt!


Feline Guardian Program

In the event that something happens to you where you no longer can care for your cat, we can provide a permanent home for your pet.  Read More




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Hannah's House

Hannah’s House is our main foster.  All of our cats live in cage free foster homes.  Read More




We honor the cats who came to us in need and crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  Click Here



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Hospice Cats

Many of the cats we foster are not suitable for adoption, so they become part of our hospice program.  Some need fosters.  Read More


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Retailer Support

Join the retailers that support June’s Senior Cat Rescue here.